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Buy Lortab Online:

Lortab is a pain relieving opioid made from a combination of hydrocodone, the real pain relieving content and acetaminophen which is used to increase the effect of hydrocodone. Although it is a good pain reliever but being an opioid it can be heavily addictive in nature hence you should read about it before you buy lortab online to use for pain treatment.

Details of Prescription:

This drug can react badly with some of the physical & mental conditions that might be already prevalent in the patients including liver & kidney disease, cirrhosis, acute asthma or other breathing disorders, tracts in stomach or intestines, inflammatory bowel disease, bowel obstruction, severe constipation or diarrhea, blood pressure issues, head injuries, brain tumor or stroke, mental illness, depression, suicidal thoughts; troubles of alcoholism & drug addiction.

If you are using MAO inhibitors, sedatives, tranquilizers or herbal products for treatment of Parkinson’s disease, migraine headaches, serious infections, nausea & vomiting, you should not use this drug as multiple drug interactions can cause Serotonin syndrome.

The use of this drug is strictly prohibited in minors below the age of 18, pregnant women or nursing mothers.

Effects and Precautions:

This drug can cause some usual side effects when you buy lortab online such as dizziness, drowsiness, blurred vision, mild headache, dry mouth & constipation. There are other serious side effects which may require immediate diagnosis & treatment such as shallow breathing, slow heartbeat, fatigue, seizures, easy bruising or bleeding, sexual problems like infertility, missed menstrual periods, impotence, loss of interest in sex; liver problems  like upper stomach pain, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice with yellowing of skin or eyes.

Serotonin syndrome gives out symptoms like agitation, hallucinations, fever, sweating, shivering, fast heart rate, muscle stiffness, twitching, loss of coordination, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Allergic reactions of this drug can be identified by hives, difficult breathing, swelling of face, lips, tongue or throat. Low cortisol levels can lead to nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and worsening weakness.

Store this drug in a private place away from the reach of children pets & potential drug abusers who might consume it & fall prey to the worst of symptoms. Do not drink alcohol while using this drug.

Dosage Info:

When you buy lortab online with overnight delivery option, do keep in head to follow all the prescription details provided in the enclosed leaflet for a healthy & safe usage with better impact & lesser side effects.

Why is an overdose of Lortab harmful?

If you have a take an overdose of this medicine, then it would eventually result in toxicity. This is a medicine which comes with hydrocodone and acetaminophen involved in it. Whereas hydrocodone which is an opioid is considered to cause some serious problems like respiratory depression in an overdose. People can also come across the condition of getting into the coma. Also, another ingredient of this medicine which is acetaminophen can cause a problem of fatal hepatic necrosis. Some of the conditions that a person first suffer in case of an overdose are the following.

Nausea, vomiting, malaise, diaphoresis, hypertension, apnea, cardiac arrest, skeletal muscle flaccidity, circulatory collapse, cold and clammy skin, etc.

How effective is Lortab for relieving pain for a person?

Lortab contains the effects of an opioid and as a result of that, the medicine is effective enough to treat the problem of pain in a person. The drug increases certain calming effects in a person. With such effects, a person can be able to get rid of his or her pain for a certain period of time. Effects of hydrocodone that are present in this medicine work for relieving pain and acetaminophen work for relieving inflammation or fever.

What else you should know before you start the medication of Lortab?

If you are allergic to acetaminophen or even Hydrocodone, then you should strictly avoid dosage of this medicine. Also if you have recently taken or consumed alcohol tranquilizers or any other narcotic medications or sedatives, in such a condition you should avoid this medication.

Those who take MAO inhibitor should also avoid taking this medication. MAO inhibitors include components like Selegiline Rasagiline, Linezolid, Tranylcypromine, Phenelzine, and some other ingredients which do not get along well with the medication of Lortab. Also, you should talk to a doctor if you feel necessary to take the medication of Lortab anyhow.


There can be certain interactions that you may find with this medication along with some other medications. Here are the following conditions in which a person should forgo the medication of Lortab.

You should let your doctor know if you are taking the medications of the following conditions:

Liver disease, Alcohol addiction, Drug addiction, Inflammatory bowel disease, bowel obstruction, problems of maintaining proper blood pressure, sleep apnea, brain tumor head injuries, the problem of being dehydrated.

It is better to let your doctor know that what problems you have in your health before you start taking doses of this medicine. So that your doctor may be able to tell you if this medication would be safe for you or not.

Does this medication cause breathing problems?

The medication is more likely to cause breathing problems in people who are of elderly age. Those people who already have problems with breathing would have increased chances of worsening their condition. If you still require the medication of this drug, then you may want to take the basic 10 mg strength of this medicine. You can increase the dose of Lortab later on if you feel comfortable with the basic dose.

Last Updated Date:  02/11/2018