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Buy Oxycontin Online:

Oxycontin OC is a pain relieving opioid useful in the treatment of pain in around the clock manner. There is a chance that users will fall prey to its addictive features as it is an opioid but it is recommended to use it in appropriate quantities and time intervals for avoiding these issues. In addition, it is also advised to carefully study all the details when you buy oxycontin online and use it for treatment of pain.

Prescription Details:
Physical and mental conditions like acute asthma, bronchitis, lung infections, COPD, sleep apnea, diseases of liver, kidneys, stomach, urinary bladder, gall bladder, pancreas and thyroid; tracts in intestines; a curvature in the spine; head injuries, brain tumor, mental illnesses of any kind, depression and tension all show a tendency to degrade in progress when brought in the contact of this drug’s contents. Even the medications being used for treating these conditions can cause a bad interaction with this drug & cause Serotonin syndrome.

People with difficulties of alcoholism and drug addiction should never use this medication because it can prove to be another form of addiction to prescription drugs in them. One should never drink alcohol while using this medicine as it can cause a fatal heart attack.

This medicine is not fit for use in minors under the age of 18, pregnant women and nursing mothers as it can grow a drug dependence as well as withdrawal symptom in them.

Effects & Precautions:
When you buy oxycontin OC online and begin its use for the treatment of pain conditions it can draw some usual side effects as dizziness, drowsiness, mild headaches, cold symptoms, runny nose, nausea and vomiting which can be treated for by regularizing its use with healthy eating habits, high fiber foods, plenty of water to improve these symptoms in a matter of days.

Serious side effects include allergic reactions, serotonin syndrome caused by multiple drug interactions, low levels of cortisol, sexual problems such as infertility, impotence, lack of interest in sex that can occur after long term use of this drug. Other symptoms include slow breathing that may stop, a weak pulse, an irregular heartbeat, and high blood pressure. All of these should be checked at regular intervals and should be treated when they appear.

Keep this medicine in a private place where no pets, children and potential drug addicts can get their hands on it.

Dosing Info:
Read and understand all the dosing details provided in the enclosed leaflet when you buy oxycontin OC online for use.